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Seize the Season. . .
Sharing Northwest wines

by Susan O'Hara, WinesNorthwest

Heading into the holiday season, my thoughts turn to memories past.  Evangelist of Northwest wines that I am, I remember gatherings each year that gave me chances to share wines with family, friends and even strangers... Northwest wines of course. 

No doubt many of us have more than one opportunity to share a bottle of wine during the holiday season.  So I thought I would suggest some occasions and some wines that might give you an affordable means of joining our Nor’wester campaign.  Working with a Pacific Northwest wine expert from Whole Foods Market, we came up with a list of 10 wines, selling for $20 or less, that are currently available through many of the retail outlets in the company's network of stores

Just to get the wheels turning, here are some ideas for typical holiday gatherings you could enliven by adding a bottle or two of Northwest wine:

  •       The night before Thanksgiving… pizza night;

  •        A holiday brunch with family and friends, while everyone is still in town;

  •       A neighborhood block party;

  •       College bowl game watching;

  •       The proverbial holiday pot luck;

  •       Late night sipping with friends and relatives;

  •       ...and of course wines to pair with traditional holiday meals.

10 Northwest wines under $20.00
See also Chuck's reviews of “Thanksgiving Wines.”

Topsail Pinot Gris (WA) $10.99 - Perfect for parties!

Lobo Hills Sauvignon Blanc (WA) $17.99 - Dry, herbal, made with love.

Teutonic Riesling Medici Vineyard (OR) $18.99 - Floral, bright, smoked seafood’s best friend.

Payne Cellars Cub Red (OR/WA) $19.99 - Spicy and robust, great with a roast.

Backstay White Blend Semi-Dry (OR) $14.99 - Perfect for soft cheeses and spicy foods.

Undaunted Malbec (WA) - $13.99 - Bold and rich.

Cloudveil Pinot Noir (OR) - $14.99 - Full bodied.

Ross Andrew The Huntsman Cabernet Sauvignon (WA) - $15.99 - Priced for everyday, good enough for when your boss comes to dinner. 

Oregon Trails Wine Company Pinot Noir (OR) $19.99 - Great with salmon and roast turkey. 

St. Hubertus Estate Great White North (BC) - $14.99 - Simply delicious bright, light white.

All the above wines are currently in stock at Whole Foods Market.    

See also Chuck Hill’s recent reviews for “Thanksgiving Wines.”     


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