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WineTowns Confidential
... an insider's look at Northwest wine towns

       An undeniable trend is emerging in several small towns throughout Pacific Northwest wine regions.  For about 20 years, dramatic growth of the region's wine industry and a corresponding increase in wine tourism have fueled a gradual transformation of sleepy (but strategically located) small towns into "wine towns," towns in popular wine regions where wineries and vineyards are looking for new ways to build relationships with wine enthusiasts.  Well-known area wineries may choose these towns for satellite tasting rooms; smaller, less-known wineries may locate both production and tasting facilities in these towns. And where there is a concentration of tasting rooms, there is bound to be a proliferation of eateries... everything from casual to fine dining.  You may also find breweries, distilleries, chocolatiers and galleries.

          In response to this wine-town trend, WinesNorthwest will occasionally feature these towns and their services in ways that will help you make plans for your own visit.  You'll find these towns all have strollable downtowns and lots of tasting opportunities, along with in-town lodging and dining, a gallery of two and one-of-a-kind boutiques, making wine towns ideal for car-free touring.

      Some of what we'll include in our WineTown profiles:

      ■  Some background information about each town;
      ■  A walking map with featured tasting, dining and lodging opportunities;
      ■  A list of wine-tasting locations, hours and contact info;
      ■  A list of food-establishment locations, hours and contact info;
      ■  A list of suggested nearby lodging with contact info.

     Our currently featured WineTown:  McMinnville, Oregon

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