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       The Puget Sound AVA's climate is similar to that of  the Loire Valley in France and some of Germany's viticulture regions.  Some of the wine grape varieties grown in there include Pinot Noir, Madeleine Angevine, Müller Thurgau, Siegerrebe, Chasselas, Island Belle and a few others.  Research is being pursued actively to investigate other viable varietals that might do well in this cool-climate viticultural area.

       To experience the terroir of the Puget Sound Appellation and the influence it has on the flavors of wine grapes, be sure to visit a few of the wineries that produce at least some wines from vineyards in the  Puget Sound region.  You will find a list of such wineries you can consider visiting and an overview map of their locations by clicking on the thumbnail map below. 

OVERVIEW MAP for estate wineries

     Check our "Taste Puget Sound" overview map above and plan a tasting tour of some Puget Sound  estate wineries.  You will find more than a few enchanting locations; what could be more charming, for example, than a ferry ride to wine country or a lazy rural drive toward the foot of a spectacular mountain?

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