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7838 Crowley Road
Rickreall, Oregon  97371
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Winery Information

Winemaker/Vineyard Manager:

Ken Cook


Jan and Mike Sweeney

Average Annual Production:

7,000 Cases

Estate-grown Pinot Noir
Estate-grown Pinot Noir Dry Rosé
Estate-grown Blanc de Pinot Noir

Vineyard Acreage
90-acre estate vineyard;
Also contracts with other fine
Willamette Valley vineyards

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May 1 - October 1:
Weekdays, 11 am - 4 pm (Please call 1st)
Weekends, 11 am - 5 pm

Also Open During special events:
Tasting Room & Winery Open House for:
Memorial Day weekend
Labor Day weekend
Thanksgiving Weekend

Other times by appointment

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Immerse yourself in a world of Oregon wine
Cherry Hill Vineyards and Winery    Tucked far away from the sights and sounds of the city, Cherry Hill Winery and Vineyards dominate 150 acres of Oregon's Willamette Valley within the Eola-Amity Hills District AVA, arguably one of the best pinot noir-growing sub region of the Willamette Valley appellation. 
"As a Willamette Valley sub-appellation,
the Eola Hills... may rank as Oregon's
 most exciting and consistent wine

                  –Michael Schachner, The Wine Enthusiast
       A few meandering miles of gravel road and bucolic vistas arouse a sense of adventure as you make the last turn of your final approach to Cherry Hill's historic location.  Something closer to awe sets in as you drive into a land form that seems to tip toward you -- like a tilted, shallow saucer. 

       Eighty thousand pinot noir vines grow in neat rows over 90 acres of this stunningly sloped land; the Cherry Hill vineyards all but surround the estate's lowland area where seven-acre Lake Janet and a small, abandoned cherry orchard harken back to a bygone era and speak to the winery's chosen name.

       Cherry Hill's winery and tasting room are housed in the 12,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art winery building that comes into view on the far ridge of the estate vineyards.  Thousands of cases of pinot noir, dry pinot noir rosé and blanc de pinot noir are produced here each year from Cherry Hill's estate vineyards. 

In the Beginning...

       When Cherry Hill owners Jan and Mike Sweeney found this piece of Eola Hills land in the late 1990s, they saw not what was, but what could be.  That vision today is reality and is now an unparalleled viticultural experience for wine country travelers and wine enthusiasts with a passion for pinot noir and an interest in the cool-climate viticulture of Oregon's Willamette Valley... specifically, the Eola-Amity Hills District AVA within that larger appellation.

Visiting Cherry Hill

       Just an hour’s drive from Portland or a short (15-minute) westward hop from Salem, Cherry Hill Winery lies in the Eola-Amity Hills District AVA in the middle of the Willamette Valley and is surrounded by Oregon wine country.  The lay of the land and the gravel road access brings a sense of isolation in this extraordinary location.  Plan to get away from it all at Cherry Hill Winery.

The Winemaking

       Winemaker Ken Cook manages Cherry Hill's winemaking program, crafting most of his premium wines from grapes grown in Cherry Hill's estate vineyards and a few from grapes grown in other Willamette Valley vineyards.  

       Ken holds a degree in both winemaking and vineyard management and joined the team at Cherry Hill Winery in 2005, bringing with him his knowledge of cutting edge techniques and practices.  Ken's goal at Cherry Hill is to sustainably grow ripe and balanced fruit to produce pinot noir that represents the terroir of the Cherry Hill vineyard, using a production style based on minimal intervention.

The Vineyards

        Cherry Hill Winery lies directly on top of the 45th parallel - halfway between the equator and the North Pole, the same pinot-friendly latitude as Burgundy.  Its 90-acre vineyard is planted to Pommard and Dijon clones of pinot noir, and all pruning, thinning, and leaf pulling is done by hand; so too is the grape harvest itself.

        The vines are planted on the south- and southwest-facing slopes of the property at elevations between 250 and 450 feet, guaranteeing maximum "degree days" for fruit ripening in this AVA.  The 80,000 vines include Dijon (115, 777, 113) and Pommard clones set on phylloxera-resistant rootstock, and they were planted with 6’ x 8’ spacing using a vertical trellising system.  Irrigation comes from a seven-acre, spring-fed trout reservoir; grapes are cropped to 2 tons per acre and harvested at 23 brix.


Featured Wines from Cherry Hill
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2009 Cherry Hill Estate Pinot Noir
Eola-Amity Hills District, Willamette Valley
$29.00  [Order Now]

Cherry Hill Estate Pinot Noir is an elegant light, delicate style of pinot noir. This beautiful wine was hand picked from our Pommard Clone and aged in neutral French oak for one year.  This soft subtle pinot noir from the Willamette Valley will only improve with age, but she is a beauty right now.

Tasting Notes:
Cherry Hill Winery produced its first vintage from our new winery in 2003. The Cherry Hill Winery Estate Pinot Noir is handcrafted from our Pommard clone which makes up 55% of our 90 acre estate vineyard. Our state of the art gravity feed winery provided us with the tools to carefully handcraft this most difficult grape into a light delicate pinot noir. The fruit for this beautiful wine was hand picked from our best blocks where yields are restricted to two tons per acre. The grapes were destemmed and gravity fed to our small fermenters where each lot was carefully monitored. The wine aged in neutral French oak for one year and is a light delicate

Food and Serving Suggestions:
Pinot noir is known as the most food-friendly grape and Willamette Valley pinot noirs rank with the best from Burgundy and California. We recommend entrees of fish, beef, wild game, and pastas.

91 points - Wine Spectator, February 29, 2012

2009 Dijon Cuvée Pinot Noir
Eola-Amity Hills District, Willamette Valley
$22.00  [Order Now]

DIJON Cuvée Estate Pinot Noir is a blend of our Dijon clones 113, 115 and 777.  It is our biggest and boldest Pinot Noir.  This wine which tastes of cherries and chocolate is our macho wine.  It is elegant with fresh berry flavors, hints of caramel and spice and will mellow and improve with age.  The fine tannins will soften.

Tasting Notes:
Our Dijon Cuvée Pinot Noir fruit comes from vines that are planted on our Nekia soil with southwest facing slopes at 300 feet elevation. We noticed in our frequent barrel tasting of the Dijon clones that our winery dog Daisy would anxiously wait for the leftovers from the wine thief. Our Papillon has indeed shown a discerning palate. We now follow the Papillon to the barrel of her choice and will only select that which she seeks in our Dijon Cuvée. Come visit Miss Daisy at Cherry Hill where she is part of the wine experience.

Food and Serving Suggestions:
Pinot Noir is known as the most food-friendly grape and Willamette Valley Pinot Noirs rank with the best in the world. We recommend entrees of fish, beef, wild game and pastas.

2006 Sweeney Reserve Pinot Noir
Eola-Amity Hills District, Willamette Valley
$35.00  [Order Now]

Sweeny is our Reserve Pinot Noir and was selected by our owner Mike Sweeney from his favorite barrels of our estate fruit.  This wine represents the best of our Pommard clone from three of our most desirable vineyard blocks.   Mike Sweeney says "I love this wine and want to share it with you."

Tasting Notes:
Sweeney estate Pinot Noir is our Reserve Pinot Noir. The wine is 100% Pommard clone from three of Cherry Hills best blocks.  These three blocks are known as the holy grail of the vineyard, and the fruit is cropped to 2 tons per acre and picked at 23 brix.

Food and Serving Suggestions:
Pinot noir is known as the most food-friendly grape and Willamette Valley pinot noirs rank with the best in the world. We recommend entrees of fish, beef, wild game and pastas.

2011 Vanda Estate Pinot Noir Dry Rosé
Eola-Amity Hills District, Willamette Valley
[Order Now

Like the Vanda Orchid on its label, this delightful estate Pinot Noir Dry Rosé is light and beautiful.  The crisp dry taste of this wine is indeed as pleasing to the palate as the bloom of the Vanda Orchid is to the eye.  The rosé, when served chilled, is best enjoyed on a warm day with a gentle breeze while sitting in a rocking chair.  A light lunch and afternoon sip will remind you of the feminine, romantic, and sensuous qualities that are the signature of the Willamette Valley pinot noir grape in this its most delicate style.

Tasting Notes:
Vanda Pinot Noir Dry Rosé is produced from Dijon and Pommard clones from the Cherry Hill estate fruit located in the Eola Hills region of the Oregon Willamette Valley. We pick our fruit for this wine at 23 brix, and it is fermented in closed-topped stainless steel tanks.  It is not aged in oak and the wine is fined and filtered.  The wine is produced and packaged to cater to our lady friends and should be given much like a flower or jewelry.

Cherry Hill Winery is part of a group of winemakers and wine drinkers dedicated to righting the wrongs done to the dry rosé.  Europeans down copious amounts of rosé but in the U.S. only a handful of sophisticated drinkers quaff this wonderful pink wine.

Food and Serving Suggestions:
Dry Rosé is currently experiencing a new-world renaissance as it pairs well with seafood, steaks, spicy flavors, salads and even barbecue.  Toast to pinot noir dry rosé!

2011 Blanc de Pinot Noir
Eola-Amity Hills District, Willamette Valley
$16.00  [Order Now

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