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       We hope you have landed on this page because you are at least curious about marketing your business on Wines Northwest.  The content on this page is intended to provide decision-making information about each of our marketing opportunities for wineries and associated businesses located in or nearby Pacific Northwest wine regions throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia.  

        If you have questions, need clarification, or just want to brainstorm marketing exposure ideas for your business, contact us by email or the old-fashioned way... by phone.  We enjoy working with people to design marketing packages that make sense for them.

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Marketing Options on Wines Northwest
Advertising on Wines Northwest

Why market your business on

  • Wines Northwest is an 20-year-old online wine-touring guide that currently attracts approximately 20,000 visitor sessions a month including wine enthusiasts, wine-country travelers and a broad variety of media;

  • 19% of our visitors come to our site more than once a month; about 7% come to our site from other countries;

  • Average time spent on Wines Northwest pages is approximately 15 minutes, making the "attention economics" of our website highly favorable for businesses targeting the wine enthusiast and wine-country traveler;

  • Wines Northwest's primary purpose is to promote travel in Pacific Northwest wine regions and build familiarity with wines through regional wine tourism; rich content also provides information about wine grapes and winegrowing, wine reviews and news  from our dynamic region.  Our target audience includes wine and business travelers and wine and food enthusiasts... people who use the web to make their travel plans and to learn about Northwest winegrowing regions.

    We accomplish this by:
          -  maintaining timely and rich website content regarding the wine regions of Oregon,
             Washington, Idaho and British Columbia;
          -  maintaining page-one GOOGLE results for most keyword phrases related to Northwest
             wine regions, wineries, wines and wine-country travel;
          -  communicating with and educating site visitors;
          -  communicating with and educating online and traditional media;
          -  maintaining active relationships with trade organizations;
          -  participating in & attending trade events.

  • WNW's interactive marketing packages result in "conversion"/click-through rates that send to your website hundreds of high-quality, targeted visitors every month... visitors that have pre-qualified themselves as interested in your business by virtue of their click throughs;

  • is a popular Internet destination for all things wine-related throughout the Pacific Northwest.   Why not join us?

Marketing Choices

Wineries and Tasting Rooms:

  • "Winery Profile Page" - A comprehensive profile of your winery, its wines and its location, including a customized map showing how to get there.  Market your winery and your wines to wine tourists and enthusiasts through Wines Northwest.

  • Winery Direct Links program - Subscribe to the Basic or the Enhanced Winery Direct Links program to earn a top-of-page listing in the Featured Wineries section.

Other Wine-Country Businesses:

  • "Business Profile Page" - Market your related products and services to wine tourists and enthusiasts visiting Wines Northwest.  (Lodging, dining, wine shops, wine bars, tour guides, driving services and other related businesses)

  • Subscribe to our Live Links program for interactivity between your website and ours.  This option is also a good choice if you are not a winery but you hold lots of events and want to publicize them in our Wine Country Calendars with links to your event page.

  • Contact us regarding page advertising space and charges based on average monthly page traffic.

Complimentary Services included with all paid subscriptions

Complimentary listings on appropriate pages              FREE

Your event information posted and highlighted
on our Calendar of Wine Country Events                      FREE

What Others Say...

Bob Beekman, Owner

Your site is THE BEST for NW wine tourism.


"Wines Northwest is a well-designed, well-maintained, and easily-navigated site that covers the wine regions of British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. In addition to engaging writing, it includes photos, labels, maps, tasting notes, lists of wine shops, restaurants and lodging, tour guides, etc. Pages dedicated to individual wineries... provide loads of information, in some cases more than the winery's own site. A beautiful and thorough job by Susan O'Hara."

Julia Harding,
Assistant to Jancis Robinson MW

I was just trying to check out the locations of some wineries in Walla Walla – looking at the first proofs of the World Atlas maps just now – and wanted to tell you what a fantastic resource your website is!  Thank you.  
Very best wishes, Julia

"The site you have put up...
is generating more interest
than any of the other internet directories
we are listed in - Good marketing job!"

"The articles are informative. The information on the website cannot be easily accessed elsewhere.
The whole website is very well-organized, easy to navigate, and classy."

"Excellent! Visually appealing and easy to navigate.  The maps make this site the best!"

"We appreciate being on Wines Northwest...  and the exposure it has brought us.  We look forward to our continued good business relations."

"Thank you, thank you. Your website has now been circulated to many of my friends. I'm sure they'll thank me for the favor. Of course, I'm going to go broke visiting and buying from your extensive list of wineries in our Region."

"I am so impressed with this site. It has a wealth of information that is easily accessed. Thank you for making it such an enjoyable experience.

"I found your site very attractive, easy to browse through, very welcoming... I just loved it and I plan to come back often."

"Your website is very easy to navigate through! ...and very complete
...a lot of information!"

"Love the site. Lets me keep up to date with my favourite part of the world."

"Very good site. Very helpful in my search for background on wines/wineries/wine tourism in the
Pacific Northwest."

Wines Northwest and the Internet

Wines Northwest is the only comprehensive Pacific Northwest wine country tour-planning site on the World Wide Web.  It is a strong and targeted marketing tool that allows wine-related and travel-related businesses to attract a motivated audience of wine and travel enthusiasts.  We are a content rich, interactive guide that provides its visitors with information about each official wine region... where the wineries are located, suggestions for nearby lodging and dining, a Calendar of Wine Country Events and a "Wines of the Week" column containing wines reviews by Chuck Hill.  We offer variety of opportunities for businesses wishing to reach our visitor base of approximately 20,000 each month

We accomplish this high-level of website activity through: 

  • Global marketing; 
  • Maintaining first-page, top-ranking positions on major search services such as GOOGLE;
  • Attracting hundreds of links coming into WNW every month from other wine- and travel-related websites, along with many that promote regional travel;
  • Maintaining a one-stop web destination that creates marketing synergy for a wide variety of Pacific Northwest wine-country businesses;
  • Continual and accurate website updates that establish credibility among website visitors, members of the travel and wine industry and with search services that base their page ranks by popularity and status of website upkeep;
  • Wine country news, reviews and features that attract return visits.  Approximately 20% of our monthly traffic visit Wines Northwest more than once a month!

Whether you have your own website or not, a Profile Page on Wines Northwest provides you and your business a high-profile internet exposure.  Traffic on the Wines Northwest comes from all parts of the U.S. and other countries as well -- countries such as Canada, the UK, Australia, Italy, and Japan.  A large percent of our visitors come from California, Washington and Oregon, with origins of others including most states throughout the U.S. and about 7% from other countries. 

If you have your own website, your marketing presence on WNW improves the return on your investment by enhancing your website traffic through hundreds of referrals sent from our site to yours every month.  Wines Northwest will serve as a strong web "gateway" through which our visitors can find and learn more about your business. 

If you have no website of your own, we will help you develop a Profile Page on Wines Northwest that can serve as a small website for your wine-country related business.  For an additional fee, we can develop a wine-ordering form that will send wine orders to you by email.  Ask us about this option for details.

 To target your marketing messages to our online, savvy audience of wine enthusiasts and wine-country travelers, review the options featured on this page that are most suited to your business.  Or call us directly to discuss the possibilities for your specific business and its marketing needs.  Our aim is to assist our business clients in aligning their products and/or services with the most synergistic sections and pages of Wines Northwest.  We do this to insure maximum benefit from each individual's marketing presence on Wines Northwest.

Facts to Consider

  • Wines Northwest allows you to reach a narrowly-targeted market;
  • As of the winter of mid 2014, Wines Northwest is attracting an average of 20,000 visits each month;
  • Wines Northwest is a strong Internet gateway capable of referring countless numbers of targeted visitors to your business website;
  • The wine industry throughout the Pacific Northwest continues to grow strongly;
  • Approximately 1,000 links from other wine, travel and special-interest websites lead visitors to Wines Northwest;  incoming links act as "votes of confidence" when weighed by search services "robots" to determine page-ranking for search words and phrases.  The large number of incoming links leading to Wines Northwest help us maintain our first-page search rankings on major search services of the Internet.  When your business becomes linked to Wines Northwest, that link is seen by search robots as a very strong "vote of confidence" for your website because of popularity and the many links into our website;
  • Wine tourism is a growing part the customer base for wineries, wine-related support services, tourism agencies and other wine-country-related businesses.  Wines Northwest's forte is attracting visitors to tasting rooms and other wine-friendly businesses throughout Pacific Northwest wine country;
  • WinesNorthwest visitors make their own plans and decisions about their itineraries.  As the wine industry grows, it becomes increasingly competitive. If wine country travelers are a target in your business marketing and advertising plan, WinesNorthwest visitors are of high value.

Drop us a note or give us a call, and let's talk about the  marketing opportunities best suited for you.

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Wines Northwest and the Internet      Wines Northwest - An Overview

Marketing Opportunities on WNW

An Overview of our Web Site

Wines Northwest is a one-stop tour guide to the wine country of the Pacific Northwest.  Through the interactive marketing medium of the World Wide Web, our site features the wines, wineries and wine producers of each wine region, along with nearby service industries that support wine-country travel within each region -- Bed and Breakfasts, motels and hotels, restaurants, wine shops and tasting rooms, guided tours and driving services.

The strength of the Wines Northwest Network is its synergy -- a synergy growing out of the combined presence of businesses with shared marketing goals.  This diverse gathering of businesses attracts an equally diverse and targeted audience.  The result?  ...dynamic marketing and brand-building effectiveness for participating businesses, and expanded knowledge, enriched tour-planning and wine-touring experiences for our website visitors.

Easy navigation is one of Wines Northwest's primary strengths Our visitors can plan all aspects of their trips -- wineries, wine shops and tasting rooms to be visited, lodging to be reserved, wine-friendly dining facilities to be enjoyed, guided tours and driving services to be engaged -- all conveniently organized by the individual wine region of their choice.

Be sure to take at least a brief tour of Wines Northwest to better understand its power as an interactive tour guide and as a gateway to your own website.

We are proud to bring our cost-effective marketing tools to those who want to connect with the dynamic market of wine enthusiasts worldwide.  We are confident you will find Wines Northwest an efficient and profitable vehicle for marketing your business on the World Wide Web.

Wines Northwest is powered by broad bandwidth and fiber optic technology provided by the world's leading website server.   All pages on Wines Northwest are optimized to assure quick retrieval and prompt response to site visitors' choices.

Contact us by email to discuss your individual needs and interests.

Contact us by phone with your questions.

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Wines Northwest and the Internet      Wines Northwest - An Overview

Marketing Opportunities on WNW

Fee-based Web Marketing Opportunities

Connect your business to
Pacific Northwest Wine-Country. 

Every month, approximately 30,000 wine-country travelers, tourists, wine enthusiasts, wine writers and journalists visit Wines Northwest.  Wine country businesses use our popular, interactive wine-touring guide to attract wine country travelers from the WinesNorthwest website to their own website.  We work with each business to develop a customized web-marketing presence -- a Profile Page and Live Links program.  Our aim is to refer as many qualified visitors as possible to your own business's website. 

We connect your Business Profile Page to appropriate pages of your website, and send you hundreds of new prospects every month. 

We evaluate and report to you the number of people who visit your Profile Page and how many of them click through to your website.  You can use this report information to judge for yourself the effectiveness of your web marketing on Wines Northwest.  

Advertising Options

Choose from a variety of marketing and advertising options for your business.

Business Profile Pages               Live Links subscriptions

Advertising On

Advertising Rates are based on traffic levels of selected pages.
Call us for specific information - 360-604-1205

Business Profile Page subscriptions 


Lodging/Dining/Tour Guides/
Driving Services/Wine Shops, etc.

Send us an email or give us a call for more information.

Basic Profile Page Subscriptions
$672.00 discounted one-year subscription- based on $56.00 per-month fee;
Six-month New-Page Trial - $536.00
(Trial subscription fee includes the $56 per-month fee for
the six-month period plus a $200 Profile Page setup fee.)

(Example Page)


Increase traffic to your website and your tasting room, build brand familiarity, increase direct sales and online sales.  Profile Pages include a header, with an image of your choice, a "Winery Information" section summarizing facts and services, a text section about your winery (we compose for you), an annotated list, along with awards information, for up to six wines, as well as a customized map.  We provide multiple links from relevant content on these pages that lead to various pages of your website - to your home page, to your wine-ordering page, to a wine club page, to your events page, etc.  Once your Profile Page is completed and approved, we add internal links from every page on Wines Northwest where your winery name is mentioned or listed, from winery lists, wine region pages, maps, calendars, features or reviews.  When a visitor arrives on your Profile Page, our website server's log file begins to track the number of times a visitor uses the links on the page to click through to your website.  All this is reported to you at the time we send you a page-subscription renewal notice for your consideration.


Basic Wine Region Winery Profile Pages include:

•  Approximately 300-400 words of text about your business.  WNW works with you to draft the
   content of your Profile, incorporating the emphasis and information you choose.  Final copy, 
   of course, is subject to your approval;
Photo, label or other graphics as part of your page header and text;
A customized, color map to help visitors find your winery;
Numerous internal links from a variety of Wines Northwest pages lead to your
    Winery Profile Page; 

External links from your Profile Page to pages on your website, and a link to pre-addressed
    email form with the subject line identifying its WNW Profile Page origin; click throughs are
    monitored and reported to you;
A Winery Information section providing an overview of your winery's average annual
    production, the varietals you use, your winemaker's name, the visitor services you provide, etc;
A "Featured Wines" section lists of up to six wines, including winemaker notes and/or
    reviews, award information and links to your website's ordering information page or shopping


Wines Northwest works with you to develop the layout and content of your Profile Page and to establish strong interactivity between that Profile and your own website.

Internal links from various Wines Northwest lists and pages lead to your Winery Profile Page including those from our complementary Calendar of Wine Country Events, from any wine reviews of your wines, and those from any feature articles in which you are mentioned.

In fact, whenever and wherever your winery name appears throughout our site, we set up a link to your Winery Profile Page. 

Our goal is to provide as many links to your Profile Page as we can, maximizing the opportunities for our visitors to click through to your Profile and to provide as many links to your website from that page as make sense for the visitor.

Send us an email or give us a call for more information.

Other Wine-Related Business Associates

Basic Wine Country Services Profile Page

Who can benefit from this Profile type?

Lodging, Dining, Wine Shops, Wine Bars, Wine Storage, 
Tour Guides and Driving Services

$528.00 / one-year subscription
Based on a $44.00 per month fee

Example Page

A full Business Profile Page in our online tour guide includes:

•  Photo, logo or other graphic as part of page header;
Links to your website pages and your email address as appropriate;
•  "Highlights" section summarizing facts, services and amenities
    related to your business;
•  Approximately 300 to 400 words of text about your business (fees
    for additional text length and/or pages are negotiable).  Wines
    Northwest provides this text-writing service, subject to your approval;
A custom, color map to help visitors find your winery;
An alternative image can be substituted if a map is not appropriate
    for your service

Wherever your business name appears in lists, maps, calendars, or features throughout the site (usually at least three pages), links are provided from your business name to your Wines Northwest Profile Page which contains links to your website.


Your Basic Wine Region Profile Page on WNW includes approximately 300 words of text about your business (fees for additional text length and/or pages are negotiable).  WNW provides this text-writing service, subject to your approval.  A custom, color map is also created to help visitors find your business.  We will also provide free external links to your business website and/or email address, if you have them.
The "Highlights" section of your page will summarize key features and services of your business in a bulleted list.   Check boxes are also provided to show acceptance of VISA, MasterCard and/or other bank cards.  If you have a website of your own with online reservations capabilities, we can provide direct links to those pages as well.  A link is also provided to your WNW page from your special events information entered in our Calendar of Wine Country Events or an features published on Wines Northwest.  

Basic Live Links program...
Based on a $22.00 per month fee; billed annually ($264.00) - Enrollment Details

Enhanced Live Links program
Based on a $40.00 per month fee; billed annually ($480.00) - Enrollment Details


Wine-related businesses (in addition to wineries) often are listed on three different pages of WinesNorthwest -- one that is an alphabetical list by state or province, one with other like businesses located in the same wine-region and organized by towns or cities, and one that includes a wine-region map, if your business relates to wine-country services, like lodging or dining or guided wine tours.  The Live Links marketing option provides links from wherever your business is listed and will lead directly to your website. A tracking device is set up to count click throughs from your listings on WinesNorthwest to your own website.

Click here or send us an email for further information. 


You receive links from your various listings on, and an additional business listing and link is added to the Featured Businesses section positioned above the alphabetical listings:

  • From at least two (usually three or more) Wines Northwest pages;  your static business listings on various pages are activated with Live Links to your own website.  Wines Northwest visitors can click from our web pages to yours to find more detailed information about your business. 

  • You also receive a free email link from each of your page listings on Wines Northwest, including a pre-inserted Subject: line to let you know when an email message originates from your linked business listings on Wines Northwest... unless the sender changes the Subject: line.

  • A click-through tracking device allows us to send you an annual ROI Click-Through Report with your Live Links renewal reminder, allowing you to measure the click-through marketing benefits of your subscription.


You receive the same benefits of the Basic Live Links Program above plus an image or graphic of your choice and a marketing tag line.  Enhanced Live Links listings receive the highest placement on each page where these listings appear... above any Basic Live Links listings.  See examples here.

Enrollment Information


Event Client program...
Billed annually ($240.00)

OVERVIEW:  Call for details.  360-604-1205