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Wineries Map of the Rogue Valley AVA
Sub Appellation of the Southern Oregon AVA
Illinois Valley Region (this page)       Bear Creek Valley Region
 Map to the Illinois Valley sub appellation of Oregon's Rogue Valley wine region

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Wineries of the Rogue Valley Appellation

Illinois Valley 
Unofficial Sub Region of the Rogue Valley Appellation

Bear Creek Winery
Memorial Day to Labor Day:
Daily from 12 - 5, otherwise by appointment)

6220 Caves Hwy
Cave Junction, OR  97423

Bridgeview Vineyards
(Daily, 11 - 5 pm)

4210 Holland Loop Road
Cave Junction, OR 97523
877-273-4843 (toll free)

Deer Creek Vineyards
(Daily: 11 am - 5 pm)
2680 Deer Creek Road
Selma, OR  97538
(North of Cave Junction)

Foris Vineyards Winery
(Daily, 11 - 5pm, except some major holidays)

654 Kendall Road
Cave Junction, OR 97523



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