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Idaho's 3rd AVA - Washington's 14th

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       A third Idaho appellation was federally authorization as of May 2016.  The 306,658 acres within this new AVA are now officially the Lewis-Clark Valley AVA shared by Idaho and Washington State.  About 72% (219,838 acres) is located in Idaho, the rest in Washington.  It include parts of seven counties in the two states and is centered around a 40-mile-long strip of canyons, low plateaus and bench lands formed by the Snake and Clearwater Rivers with the cities of Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, Washington nearby. 

        These two towns face each other across the Snake River and were named in honor of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark who traveled through the region of this AVA during their famous expedition of 1803 - 1806.  Nestled in a unique mountainous region of the Bitterroot Mountains - the backbone of northern Idaho, the area was a premier wine-grape growing area in the early 20th Century, but that disappeared after Prohibition.  Evidence of the area’s former winemaking history, including hundreds of acres of abandoned vineyards, can be found throughout the region.  In the early 2000s, wine grapes started to make a comeback in the area, and today's Lewis-Clark Valley AVA now (as of September 2016) includes five wineries, 16 grape growers and 81 acres of wine grapes. 

(More information about this new AVA)

Lewis-Clark Valley AVA shared by Idaho & Washington

Wineries of the Lewis-Clark Valley AVA

Basalt Cellars
(Wed - Sat, noon - 5pm

And by appointment)

906 Port Way
Clarkston, WA  99403

Clearwater Canyon Cellars
(Saturdays: 1 - 5 pm and by appointment.)
1708 6th Avenue North, Suite A
Lewiston, ID  83501

Colter's Creek Vineyards & Winery
Winery: 20154 Colter Creek Lane  
(By Appointment - 208-874-3933)

Tasting Room: 308 Main Street
(Wed - Fri: Tasting, 1 - 5 pm, Food, 5 - 9 pm;
Sat: Tasting, 12 - 5 pm, Food - 12 - 9 pm;
Sun: Tasting & Food, 12 - 5)

Juliaetta, ID  83535
208-874-3933 or 208-276-3342

Lindsay Creek Vineyards
(Fri: 5 - 9 pm; Sat: 1 - 9 pm; Sun: 1 - 5 pm;
or by appointment. call 208-746-9463)
3107 Powers Avenue
Lewiston, ID  83501
208-746-WINE (9463)

Vine 46
(Call to schedule your private tasting.)
4020 Hatwai Road
Lewiston, ID  83501

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Three more wineries are just a 40-minute drive to the north
in Moscow, Idaho and Pullman, Washington.

Tour Guide

Twisted Vine Wine Tours
(Serving Idaho and Washington's
Lewis-Clark Valley AVA)
Lewiston, ID

Details of Idaho & Washington's Lewis-Clark Valley AVA:

ACREAGE - Formed by the Snake and Clearwater rivers, the Lewis-Clark Valley AVA consists of canyon side and bench lands and is 306,658 acres in size.  About 72% (219,838 acres) are located in Idaho, the rest in Washington.


SOIL - Mollisols soils comprised primarily of decomposed perennial grasses and grass roots with high water holding capacity. The majority of soils contain loess, or wind-deposited nutrient-rich silt.


GEOLOGY - The geology of the AVA creates good planting areas that are easy to develop and contain air drainage characteristics ideal for wine grapes.  It also contains steep sides with shallow stony surficial cover for more classic and exotic vineyards sites.  This AVA is home to the lowest elevation vineyards in the state of Idaho.

CLIMATE – Known as the “banana belt,” the Lewis-Clark Valley is known to be a temperate climate within the colder surrounding regions--this produces high quality fruit trees such as peaches, apples, wine and table grapes.  Steep v-shaped valleys allow for good air drainage, providing frost protection and cool nighttime temperatures for acid retention and flavor development. The annual precipitation varies between 11-22” each year with 2600-3000 average annual growing degree days.

WATER – Directly below originating water sheds of the Palouse and Camas Prairies. Annual precipitation is sufficient in some areas to allow for minimal irrigation.

GRAPE VARIETIES - Twenty-three grape varieties are currently (as of April 2016) grown and sold in the vineyards of the AVA - 14 red wine grapes and nine white.

HISTORY - Vines were planted in the Lewis-Clark Valley as early as 1872. Varieties such as Petit Syrah, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc were cultivated.  By 1908, 40 varieties of grapes were being cultivated.  Two years later, Lewiston voted a ban on alcoholic beverages and the industry crashed.  Most of the wine was turned into vinegar and winemaking virtually disappeared until the late 1990s.   

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